LMAO. Sounds like a loser didn’t get what he wanted and little Johnny didn’t bat 3rd and play shortstop because you know “he’s the best”. You probably got smacked around in a tournament. You know NOTHING about the tournament process and are obviously clueless in all other areas of operating a weekend tournament. Go play in Hot Stove or East Coast where you belong. You’re all a bunch of clowns. My boys have been playing at the facility for over 10 years. Look how they made this season work during a global pandemic. All the customers are wearing masks and they are enforcing social distancing very strictly. I’ve seen it personally every weekend since they re-opened.
The original post is correct and the complex was sold and the place has been running smoothly ever since. You’re just bitter because you can’t win a $3 trophy on a given weekend. Type away keyboard warrior. You’ll always be a bitter loser and you’ll probably put too much pressure on your “All-Star” son who is going to wind up quitting because his daddy is living vicariously through him. [***censored***] will be standing and operating for a long time. It’s not going anywhere. So step your game up and get on a team that can win a trophy. I’m sure you’re on some “C” level team and were told from some organization out in Nassau that “we’re the best.” I only had 1 issue in all my years there, and that was with the Team Steel director who was lazy, a liar, and very unorganized and unprofessional and blamed all his mistakes on someone else. He was just there to collect his paycheck. He is now gone. Good riddance. That is great for all the players up there that play for them, including my son. My kids love EVERY trip we take out there(Win or lose) and never had an issue besides the lazy team director who has left the facility and it has been a blessing and 2 of my boys are back with the team after his departure. The other 2 are both going to be playing D2 baseball next year because of their time at [***censored***] and their weekend tournaments that you hate so much.

Keep it up with your hatred, we love winning 15-0 against people like you and watch you leave the nicest facility in the area with your tail between your legs. Go play on those amazing Hot Stove fields and play against little league teams where you belong


A bunch of clowns with a keyboard.