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Baseball heaven is very good for the younger ages. But when you get older and serious about possible college you need to move on to legitimate organizations like LI Titans. Been around and experienced a lot. There is no comparison. Just look into the commitments year to year.

I couldn't agree more, well said. That's the most rational thing ever said on this website. The Titans also do take credit for a player that plays with them for maybe one year and goes to a college and they claim they got him there, so pump the brakes a little bit there, but the Titans are great for 16u and above.

[***censored***] is meant for all ages for there tournaments. My son played with them until he was 15 and under and then he switched to lacrosse. We had a great time there and were treated respectfully the whole time with a maybe a few bumps in the road regarding practices and stuff but nothing major. Anybody on here complaining about [***censored***] is a Father from a losing team, someone who got cut by them, or someone who played a tournament there and went 0-3 and got run-ruled every game. When my son played, this website was must read material. My age group (2022 Grads) would post on here literally everyday. It used to get really ugly and personal. I think they are still archived on here. If you're bored look around on here and go back and read some of the stuff. It truly is disgusting what these men and women would write on here.