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#23676 - 09/08/11 04:56 PM Re: Transitions [Re: Bring the Heat]

Full scholarships are a thing of the past in Baseball. truth is that about 80Percent of kids that go to college for baseball do not finish their 4 year commitment to baseball. Different reasns for that , not good enough, not as good as expected, can't hack the school and baseball together, that being the biggest reason. The only full scholarships you see have contingencies in them that stipulate that they must obtain good grades and remain on active college team roster. With the exception of injuries.

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#23707 - 09/09/11 06:33 PM Re: Transitions [Re: Bring the Heat]

To the poster above you have no idea what you are talking about.

First if you are a D1 scholarship player you have to be awarded at least 25% in baseball money. That is based on Tuition not anything else so room, books and meals excluded.

Two Baseball scholarships are awarded one year at a time not as a four year deal.

Third the full ride with baseball money is a myth a full ride is based on academic money, grants, work study and loans you qaulify for.

Fourth all schools have standards for holding the scholarship and grades is a big one many players become becnh warmers due to grades.

Fact most players drop from d1 programs becasue the realize that school is the more important factor and thats a good thing becasue very very few players play beyond college ball, unless you count the mens leagues out their.

Best thing you can do fo your son is make sure the school he attends will fit him even if baseball goes away.

But lets get the facts straight before we spread bad info.

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#23715 - 09/09/11 09:06 PM Re: Transitions [Re: Bring the Heat]

So where am I wrong? You basically repeated everything that I mentioned. And yes you are right about two year incriments. Don't let anyone tell you that full rides don't ocur because there are ways around everything if yoy have the notivation to do so. Do you really think that if bryce harper was going Division 1 he would be paying for anything. I was one of those players that went to school and stopped playing after 3 years so I do think I know what I am talking about. I roomed with a player that paid for nothing including room and board, he also drove a car way above his possible price range, and it wasn't from his parents that were dirt poor hillbillies.

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#23814 - 09/14/11 08:06 PM Re: Transitions [Re: Bring the Heat]

Maybe that crap was years ago the rules have changed and baseball is a terrible sport to try and get a scholarship for. The rason your roomate didn't pay for anything is because they were poor and got money from grants and finacial aid that has nothing to do with baseball. As far as his car tread lightly there you may let it slip what D1 school you went to and have a hit squad on your tail. Stuff like that should be left where it was I'm guessing like 25 years in the past.

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