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#65015 - 08/18/17 02:25 PM Re: Catholic HS Softball [Re: Anonymous]

They do not return their top 2 hitters, one of them is going to Seton Hall now, anyone who thinks SHA has 2 hitters better than that girl is simply delusional. They will be in the middle of the pack now behind STA, KB, SJB and Trinity. BY the way, rumor has it STA lost one pitcher, back to public school, and OLMA lost their pitcher.

Originally Posted By: Anonymous
Originally Posted By: Anonymous
St. Anthonys will be the team to beat. They return their stellar pitching and didn't lose too many integral players.

Sacred Heart lost their main players and don't have anyone nearly as good to take their places. They still have the stud shortstop but she alone can not replace what they lost. The pitching will not be close to what they had and the speed, hitting, and skilled infielders is a tremendous loss. I predict they will not make the top three this year.

Holy Trinity will likely be the same as they still have their pitcher and a few good other players.

OLMA has a good pitcher to keep them in games but not enough to stay near the top.

Kellenberg is on the rise with an influx of talent coming up in addition to the good players from last season. They will be a good, young team and will likely give St. Anthonys a run for their money.

SHA will likely have a decent offense (they return the 2 top hitters from last year) but the pitching they have coming up the ranks. Oofah. Doesn't compare at all to the girl they've had

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#65018 - 08/18/17 11:50 PM Re: Catholic HS Softball [Re: Anonymous]

i did not know alma lost their pitcher. Sucks for them! Which pitcher left sa? And i agree about she. Honestly, they are delusional if they think they will be close to what they were in the past few years. The program still is what it is..non existent. They were lucky to have some good players but the lack of development they do results in what's left now..not a top team .

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#65681 - 03/07/18 08:29 PM Re: Catholic HS Softball [Re: admin]

So whats happening with high school tryouts are they all done? Who's the team to beat this year?

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#66500 - 01/19/19 11:37 AM Re: Catholic HS Softball [Re: admin]

Early predictions? How are teams shaping up?

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#66509 - 01/26/19 11:49 AM Re: Catholic HS Softball [Re: Anonymous]

St. Anthony’s all the way. Their junior pitcher has dominated Long Island for years.

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#66663 - 04/04/19 07:59 PM Re: Catholic HS Softball [Re: admin]

Yyou have GOT to be kidding me
yes ur right
admin notified and you paid him to take off all the comments
does he really need the cash? I dont think so since hes a cosmetic vagina surgeon and doesnt take insurance (think we couldnt find out? who he is?) site has been here since 2007. people talk.

wow, taking cash from a softball parent who wants to keep his HEAVILY RECRUITED kid out of the (s)limelight.
what heppens if she gets awards and newsday cablevision or other people give criticism. you gonna pay off James Dolan from cablevision too?
you win my man
but the truth dont lie
you convinced the admin to take off the comments but in the end, Is your dd SO fragile?
this is hilarious.

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