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Poster: Anonymous
Subject: Re: Can the owners of Baseball Heaven please SELL IT

 Originally Posted By: Anonymous
 Originally Posted By: Anonymous
It has nothing to do with the owners, Lou Volpe has been running the place since the day it opened. He is the director of baseball operations, no matter how much you complain the place sells out almost every tournament and will continue to do so and thats all the owners care about

They do not look to sold out in next weeks "world series" in the 12u >> http://www.baseballheavenli.com/ordereze/ULeagues/1033/1192/Registered.aspx
The 11u>> http://www.baseballheavenli.com/ordereze/ULeagues/1033/1191/Registered.aspx
The 10u>> http://www.baseballheavenli.com/ordereze/ULeagues/1033/1190/Registered.aspx
or the 9u>> http://www.baseballheavenli.com/ordereze/ULeagues/1033/1189/Registered.aspx
13u has 1 team paid up
14u has 3 spots open....15/16 is not sold out and 18u has sold ZERO.
Not very sold out.


Baseball Heaven tournaments do not even count in the grand scheme of things nationwide. Get some new ownership OR attract some teams like Baltimore Buzz, Aberdeen Arsenal, East Cobb (any of the teams). Maybe then people won't laugh at BBH tournament results.
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